PoP Net™ Overview


The Point of Pay network (PoP Net™) allows people everywhere – at home or out and about – to make secure payments to anyone, anywhere at any time. PoP Net™ proves the identity of the users online by providing ‘Card Present’ transactions with PIN verification.


Transactions are authenticated using an EFTPOS, ATM PIN debit card or credit card and the customer’s PIN, in one of a range of PoP™ Devices – just like using an EFTPOS terminal / ATM. In the Point of Pay world, the PoP™ Device becomes the merchant’s terminal for the time of the transaction and the customer’s personal payment “hub”.

Since PoP Net™ is being deployed globally, payments can be made to merchants anywhere. Merchants who subscribe to ‘Pay By PoP™’ on the PoP Net™ secure payments network, enable their customers to pay securely over the internet using a PCI certified, industry approved, PoP™ Device.

The PoP™ system is the only system that places a highly secure PIN Pad, in the form of a PoP™ Device, directly connected to the EFT network via the Internet, into the hands of every home, business and mobile consumer. This capability means that, for the first time, consumers can safely and securely make “Card Present” transactions anywhere – be they payments to online stores, bill payments, internet banking authentication or funds transfers and payments.

PoP Net™ is configured so that merchants only need to “own” the PoP™ Device for the time of the transaction. This significantly reduces the cost to merchants, as they are not required to sign up for or purchase any expensive hardware. In fact, merchants only pay once their customers make an online payment transaction.

PoP Net™ also provides a Terminal Management System and can remotely control and update their PoP™ device.


Home Solution


The PoP™ technology makes eftpos@home a reality by allowing users to make secure payment transactions from home using the PoP™ Device’s magnetic stripe or smart card reader and the customer’s normal PIN. This means the PoP™ Device offers full PIN based “EFTPOS” transactions from home, as well as scheme credit and debit card transactions.

All online merchants who sign up to ‘Pay By PoP™’ effectively have ‘shopfront in the home’ for the duration of their transaction. All online merchants are able to use the same terminal, thus lowering their costs.

Additionally, the PoP™ system removes the need for the complex, expensive and inconvenient security measures currently used for online payments. It offers the same level of security to customers in the online world as they have in-store. In doing so, PoP™ opens the way for more secure access to:

·        Online eCommerce purchases

·        Internet online banking

·        Paying bills online

·        Money transfers

·        Smart card ticketing and other stored value top-ups

·        Prepaid recharges

·        Secure account and email access.


The latest variant PoP™ Device is the PoP-M7™ (pictured). The PoP-M7™ connects to any internet connected computer and is:

·       Fully certified to card scheme and local banking standards

·       Features a touch screen and a PCI certified chip and mag stripe card reader

·       Low cost

·       Easily integrated with eCommerce web sites

·       Simple to install and use with both Bluetooth and USB interfaces

·       Managed by the PoP Net™ network to add new functions and features.

All PoP™ Devices are easy to operate – if you know how to pay by EFTPOS or with a credit card in store, or how to use an ATM, you already know how to use a PoP™ Device – it’s as simple as that.


Mobile Solution


It won’t be long before the majority of mobile users will be living the smartphone lifestyle. Your phone will show you where to go for fun, for work, where to be entertained and where to shop. In fact, most smartphone users already have access to their very own marketplace.

PoP™ has embraced this smartphone concept by enabling our latest PoP™ Device, the PoP-M7™, with Bluetooth. This allows it to communicate directly with any Internet capable phone, Apple iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones, Pads and Windows smartphones, as well as any other PC, tablet, laptop (micro USB) or Bluetooth capable mobile phones.

So, now our customers can make truly secure payments on the internet to anyone, at any time, from anywhere.

Watch this space for more on the future of this next generation payments technology.



PoP Net™ Gateway


The PoP™ Device is only part of the Point of Pay story. Behind each customer’s PoP™ Device sits a secure PoP™ Gateway and network infrastructure connected to merchants, banks and financial switches in multiple markets.

Each PoP™ Gateway is built to both international and local market specific, financial industry system, standards, with fault tolerance and backup redundancy engineered in.

PoP™ Gateways are linked internationally and this functionality, and the system’s high security and low cost, translates into benefits for everyone involved – consumers, merchants, card issuers and transaction acquirers alike.

PoP Net™ provides a full Terminal Management System for PoP™ Devices including:

·       Activation of deployed devices

·       Device retirement

·       Remote device firmware management

·       Remote device application update

·       Device configuration settings and records management

·       On-going device monitoring and reporting.

PoP Net Gateway


Security Benefits


In creating PoP Net™, PoP took the view that online payments should work the same as, and be just as secure and trusted as, in-store payments – and we designed our system to do just that.

By using PoP Net™ to make payments, consumers, merchants and financial institutions all benefit from a uniform industry standard environment.

The benefits of PoP Net™:

  • To the consumer
  • To the merchant
  • For the financial institutions


How Do I Use PoP™


The PoP™ Device, in this case the PoP-M7™, is connected via the user’s PC or mobile which provides transparent communications between the PoP-M7™ and a PoP™ Gateway situated within a bank or financial switch’s payment network.

The PoP-M7™ provides a secure entry point for all of the cardholder’s sensitive financial information and is compliant to banking industry best practice with respect to tamper resistance and detection. Possessing both a magnetic stripe reader and PC/SC compliant smart card reader, the PoP-M7™ is able to accept all financial industry cards, including EMV cards.

The PoP-M7™ can provide a number of application services directly from the PoP™ Device, such as bill payments and money transfers, as well as seamlessly integrating with a merchant or bank’s online applications to support internet banking and online shopping. PoP-M7™ builds on the existing and proven integration capabilities of the current PoP Net™ Technology.

Since the PoP Device is multi-merchant, the consumer can conveniently pay all online merchants that have signed up to ‘Pay By PoP™’, with one PoP Device.

These are just some of the types of application that can be supported by PoP™ Devices and  POP Net™ – anywhere there is a need for secure online payments, there is a need for Point of Pay.



Bill Payments


Point of Pay’s bill payment capability can be hosted within a bank’s internet banking system or operate within the PoP Net™ environment with a biller(s) or third party bill service provider.


The process flow is very configurable, allowing transaction sets to be customised to the host system environment while the PoP™ Device maintains the overall system’s security and integrity.


Internet Banking


The Point of Pay device integrates with internet banking systems through the secure interface of the PoP Net™ Gateway via an EFT network to the banks’ systems.


This interface expands the authentication capabilities of the internet banking system allowing new transaction types that rely on the robust security capabilities of PoP Net™.


Money Transfers


The money transfer capability can be hosted inside a bank’s internet banking system or operate within the PoP Net™ environment with a third party.


The process flow is very configurable, allowing transaction sets to be customised to the host system environment, while the PoP™ Device maintains the overall system’s security and integrity.


Online Shopping


In the world of eCommerce, the PoP™ Device integrates with a merchant’s online environment through a secure interface between the PoP™ Gateway and the merchant’s website, allowing the merchant to “own” the PoP™ Device for the time of the user’s transaction.


This configuration is simple to achieve and can be handled directly by the merchant or, most likely, by their existing e-payments system provider. The PoP-M7™ Device will operate with PC or Mobile based internet merchant applications.