About Us

Based in Melbourne and founded in 2003, Point of Pay Pty Ltd (PoP™) has dedicated its resources to finding a solution to the problem of online payment fraud.

‘Is online fraud costing your business money? PoP™ can reduce your online fees, eliminate chargebacks and protect your customers’ identity’



In creating the Point of Pay technology, we took the view that online payments should work the same as, in-store payments – and we designed our system to do just that.

PoP Net™

The Point of Pay network allows people everywhere – at home or out and about – to make secure payments to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Using PoP™

The PoP™ Technology provides an end-to-end solution securing remote electronic payments by integrating the PoP Net™ hub, a highly secure PoP™ PIN Pad device and web access software with existing infrastructure.

Press Releases

Point of Pay confirms engagement with Strategic Payment Services

2nd, August 2012

Point of Pay is excited to confirm that it has engaged with Strategic Payment Service (SPS) and started the certification process for roll out of PoP Net™ into the Australian market.

Industry News

‘Day of reckoning is coming’ for the web, says Amit Yoran

31st, January 2013

The former director of the US Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division says there are bleak times ahead.






Company Overview


We provide a solution that enables ‘card holder present’ transactions online.


Have you or your business been a victim of online fraud?

Based in Melbourne and founded in 2003, Point of Pay (PoP™) has dedicated its resources to finding a solution to the problem of online payment fraud. Experts in cyber-security, PoP™ has developed and globally patented the most comprehensive, secure and reliable remote online payment transaction and data management solution called ‘PoP Net™’. PoP Net™ is a secure, global payments network for merchants, banks and their customers.

PoP Net™ proves the identity of the user online by providing ‘Card Present’ transactions with PIN verification.   


‘We are your EFTPOS at home’

We are your EFTPOS at home’, means just that. PoP Net™ brings ATM level security into the home and on to the internet. By doing so, PoP™ offers a solution that provides the highest available level of protection to consumers, merchants and financial institutions from costly and troublesome security breaches and unauthorised transactions.


PoP Net™, changing the way people transact online

Consumers using PoP Net™ can safely and securely make “Card Present transactions” when and where they need to, without losing their identity to cyber criminals – regardless of whether the transaction is a payment to online stores and merchants via the internet, internet banking authentication, a money transfer or a bill payment.    


With over 20 years of experience

The PoP team has over 20 years’ experience in designing and developing of innovative payment technologies. During the 1990s, we designed, manufactured and rolled out the world’s first ever mobile ‘Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale’ (EFTPOS) system before going on to create the current Point of Pay technology.    


Our Team

  • Hector Daniel Elbaum – CEO
  • Nicholas Croucher – System Architect
  • Nic Nuske – Business Consultant


Patented Technology


Globally patented

In 2003, Point of Pay lodged a PCT application and now has patents either granted or pending with all 144 member countries of the PCT.

To date PoP™ has been granted patents in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Japan and Indonesia. These should be closely followed by China, Europe and Korea (all still pending). PoP™ expects to soon have patents granted in all member countries.


Building the world’s most secure online global payments network

PoP Net™ is committed to producing secure and cost effective products that operate online and via mobile for its customers globally. Currently PoP™ is in the process of moving in to the next stage of our commercial roll out with its partners and customers globally.


Real Online Debit Transactions


For the first time online merchants have the ability to process online payments in the same way that they would in the physical shop; i.e. by collecting payments from the customer’s bank account directly into their business account once the transaction has been approved. Online merchants no longer have to wait days for payments to be approved and processed, as they do today.

The way that PoP Net™ is configured, PoP™ payment devices (PoP™ Device) are multi-merchant. The online merchant only needs to own the PoP Device™ for the time of the transaction. This significantly reduces the cost for online merchants as they are not required to purchase or sign up for any expensive hardware commitment. There are no upfront, hidden or extra costs. Online merchants who have signed up to “Pay By PoP™” only pay when their customer makes an online transaction (with considerable saving to the merchant).


Cardholder Present

Having ‘Card Present’ (PIN Debit) authorised payment transactions online offers an appealing solution to both online merchants and consumers. PoP Net™ allows consumers to use their bank issued EFTPOS, ATM PIN debit cards or credit card to safely make online transactions.

The consumer is not required to register for anything, carry around multiple tokens or open an online account or an online wallet as they already have an EFTPOS or ATM PIN debit card from their bank that they know and trust. They use their PIN debit card every day to get cash and make EFTPOS payments, so they already know how to use it in multiple environments.

There are many benefits for online merchants in offering the PIN debit and credit experience to their online customers. For example, the cost of a PIN debit transaction will be much less to the online merchant, as much as half the cost of an online credit card transaction. And because the transaction is non-repudiated, there are no fraudulent chargebacks or offline support costs.

Additionally, integration of PIN debit and credit technology with online merchant systems is simple as most of the processes are similar or identical to those already in place for the physical merchants and banks, and at no cost of subscirption to the online merchant.

It is widely acknowledged within the payments industry that the most secure approach to providing a PIN debit and credit solution online is via hardware deployment, typically connecting a magnetic stripe/chip card reader and PIN pad via the consumer’s mobile, tablet or PC. Industry players know that these devices solve most of the technical challenges, since they are, in effect, an EFTPOS terminal. Payment networks are assured that the cardholder and card are present at the time of transaction and the PIN has not been tampered with.

The problem has been that no one has yet come up with a suitable hardware system and deployment proposition – that is until Point of Pay created and patented its PoP Net™ Solution.